Missions for Community


Community Church is committed to and puts a priority on missions (local, domestic and foreign).


Missionaries from Community travel near and far to share Christ, to teach others to how to witness about Jesus, to lead others to faith in Christ, and to disciple and encourage new believers. 


Here are just a few recent Community Church Mission activities:


Mission Brazil – A small team from Community Church went to Nova Olinda, Brazil (and surrounding communities) during their Carnival celebration time.   We preached the gospel during the festivities, and led over 400 people to Christ on this trip.  We also started a bible study on one of the tributaries of the Amazon River, and worked in some unreached areas.  This is the 13th year in a row that Community Church has sent a mission team to the Amazon Basin area of Brazil. 


Mission Kenya – Phil and Leah Nelson left our church body for Kenya this year as full-time missionaries at an orphanage there.   Also, eight ladies from Community went on mission to ‘Jesus. Hobbs House of Hope’ orphanage outside of Nairobi about two years ago. 


Mission Hungary – Community church is part of group that travel's to Hungary in order to teach English in the schools, and share Christ with the students.


Mission Decatur – A movement has begun in our Youth department, and is now beginning to sweep our body of believers, to reach out and share Jesus wherever we are (work, school, shopping, or home).


More Updates to follow